Built to be limitless.
Your solutions.
Your way.

With a uniquely tailored designing experience, Formsly allows you to leap by creating what isn't possible to do anywhere else.

Advanced logic.
Made simple.

Use logics to design smart forms that will personalize and tailor your form or survey experience according to peopel's responses.

Powerful design tools.
More human.

Customize your forms visually. Choose your style preference.
Add a logo, cover photo, and more to match your brand identity and soul.

  • Edit templates look and feel
  • Configure questions
  • Share and start collecting responses

Analyze answers using our powerful yet simple reporting tools

Crush complex data using advanced reporting options into straightforward formats for better visualization.

Kick some serious team work. Seamlessly.

Analyze form responses and summaries with others in one click. Share and review in public or privately.

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